Stephani E. D. McDow

Stephani E. D. McDow


Woman Around Town | August 28th, 2016 | Now

I believe

That your true strength rears its head in the midst of pain and distress

Not because you’ve said it’s so or how you show its true in your walk or in the words you use but

When you can’t breathe That look that flashes across your face or when your eyes give voice to the blood-curdling sobs from your soul

I Believe it’s at the cusp of such that your calm is the only thing that makes sense in the moment,


When it feels like your skin is being ripped from your flesh or your spirit is being tormented It’s that space that you unwittingly settle into with Acute senses analyzing and calculating every move and sound made in your now and formulating the appropriate response With ease And confused certainty.

When the sound of your voicelessness walks you through all the truths alongside the dramatically timed base of your heart keeping pace to the greatness of how you deal

It’s surreal. That clarity that encompasses you with grave urgency Because right now is the only time

And without external coaching or coaxing All of the information you need is palpable and strikingly clear (to you)

It’s imperative to be this present presently to live the predetermined law that You matter

And no matter what is before you, regardless of the clutches within which you weep You are not defeated.